Beija-Flor Jeans – Fashion Shoot – Charleston, SC

Introducing the new Winter Collection of Beija-Flor Jeans! (pronounced “beige-a floor”) I can’t tell you how excited I was to have landed this job with Beija-Flor!

A mother & daughter team started the jean company seven years ago out of Greenville, SC.  Kathy and Emilie are quite a talented pair.  Emilie and I spoke over the phone initially and I immediately felt that this was going to be such a wonderful experience and a fun time!  These ladies are also in business with Amanda who is their communications manager, and what a great help she was with the details, the look book poses, ideas, and the overall plan.  An unbelievable amount of work goes into a shoot like this.  They were all extremely organized (even though they will say they weren’t) with everything ready to go, down to the jewelry and the “looks” presented to me on a PDF presentation!  I LOVED it!  If you know me, there is one thing I am obsessed about and it is planning and being prepared!

We were all a perfect fit!  We had Nicole the beautiful model, gorgeous & awesome in her craft.  Then we were joined by the super talented makeup artist, Pamela Lesch of Makeup Artist Charleston, can you say talented and fantastic?  If you haven’t met Pamela, I suggest you do, all brides need her!  Pamela has such a warm spirit that just draws you to her.  I mean what a team!!!  They are a family, literally.  After the shoot, they invited us to the house for a Prosecco toast, verymuch my style!

I literally got home and screamed out loud because I was filled with excitement over the work, the people, the creativity, and especially my love for photography, it just needed to be heard!

Now you say…jeans?  Yes, the most comfortable fitting jeans I have ever worn, made out of Brazilian denim.  These are high end jeans sold only in boutique stores around the United States and online at:  I for one am a believer!  They are not the jeans you put on and your “fanny” hangs out, you actually have coverage and “butt” lifting action, even if you are squatting down to pick up kids!   They have all sorts of styles and coming out with more next year.

I also must mention a little extra something about the logo…the hummingbird!  “For what better represents the inherent beauty and style of Brazil, and her indigenous selection of hummingbirds that grace her countryside.”  Beija-Flor is hummingbird in Portuguese.

Thank you all for SUCH a great experience!  I look forward to all the other season shoots we have together.  A special thanks to my cousin Jean Marie for being my assistant and helping with all the little details I sometimes cannot catch!  Thanks Cuz!

Makeup/Hair: Pamela Lesch of Makeup Artist Charleston
Furniture: Antiques of South Windermere

 and now….on with the show…Enjoy!