BFF’s through all the years… Debordeiu, SC

Last weekend I drove up to Debordeiu in South Carolina to take pictures of a group of girls I have known since they were born.  My sister, Bennette (can you even guess which one she is??  Hint: orange) and her friend Molly had the idea to have me come capture a few hours of these beautiful women while on their “girls” weekend!  When they asked, I said with no hesitation, “Um, YES!”  The ladies are now living all over but all grew up in Greensboro, NC.  Some are 30 years old or approaching 30; this is such a perfect time during their lives to capture their closeness and love for each other.  All I wanted, was to capture the beauty each one has, the laughter and fun they have all had together.  There are single ladies, married ladies, mothers, mothers to be in this group.  All different in so many ways, but yet still have remained friends after all these years, BFFs (Best Friends Forever!)  🙂

If you ask anyone that grew up in Greensboro, “Who are you closer with, your hometown friends or college friends?”  I bet 90% of the time they will say hometown friends.  I too have a very special group of girls from home that I have stayed in touch with and do girls’ weekends with.  There is such a special bond between us all.  Greensboro is a special place to grow up in.  You know each other, you know peoples parents, and I bet I could count on my hand at least 15-20 people I grew up with since I was 2 years old, that I still keep in touch with.  I wish it for every little child in the world, that they have special friendships, that last, and to have someone there that just “gets you” because they have been by your side since day one.

Love you all beautiful girls!  Thank you for such a fun and fantastic day at Debordeiu!
A big thank you to Molly and BB for organizing the shoot!