Family of Four

My first Blog post of 2011!!!  Back by popular demand!  Round 3!  Ms. Carter and a new addition, Harper, to the now Family of Four!  Remember Carter, the cutie pie in front of the red door?  Well I am sorry to say she has lost a bit of her “cute baby fat” and is growing up no doubt!  Many of you had made comments to me about how cute she was you just wanted to squeeze her cheeks!

Now two years old, I captured her in front of an orange door this time.  She has become a great big sister to her newborn sister arriving a little early in mid October vs. mid November.  I have loved to become a regular in photographing this precious family as it grows in size and numbers!  Thank you K and N, once again for letting me into one of many family moments!  You are my first client to have three sessions!  Thank you!

To look back on the two previous posts on Carter: Carter is 1! and most recently Carter’s Summer session