Italy – Part I

Buona Sera!

Well, the LONG awaited Part I of our trip to Italy is up!  Honestly, right now i don’t know how many “parts” there will be, maybe I should call them chapters!  Either way, I have a lot of pictures and wanted to share some of my first ones!  These are in no order of our trip, sorry about that, so I will write above the pictures so you know the specifics.

Let me start by “Why” we were in Italy!  My sweet daddy gave this trip to my mother for her 60th birthday, she is now 61, but we started planning it when she turned 60.  Daddy also said, the “children” can come, yahoo!!!  And our spouses!  Another yahoo!

My mother LOVES Italy, she would live there if she could.  I could write a whole blog about my mother and how she was a Latin teacher, and Mastered in the Classics…and speaks 4 languages, including Italian and has a true passion for the Italian life, cuisine, history and everything else!

It was an AMAZING trip!!!  For many reasons, but the top reasons are we all get along, all 6 of us, we about laughed the whole time…we truly have the most fun together of any family i know!  Another reason is the pure fact of going to Italy, the places we were in were 2000 years old!  And people think Charleston is old at 400 years…not so fast!  It was such a fun experience, with this being my second time in Italy.

PS – If you are interested in purchasing any of the photos let me know my emailing me at the “email me” link button at the top of this page and I will add you to my list of people when I send out the entire gallery. (Also to view Part II Italy click here) & Part III

Let me start my introducing my family…as seen below in the picture at the Colosseum in Roma!  From left to right: Bennette (sister), Andy (brother in law), Mommy, Daddy (yes i still call my parents mommy and daddy and I am 33!), me, Brennen (my husband).



Assisi, Italy…one of my top pictures, the lighting was perfecto!
undefinedSorrento, Italy: this was the view at sunset from our balcony looking over the Amalfi coast.  You can see why this town is my favorite town in Italy!  It’s a southern coastal town, just gorgeous with lots of Yellow everywhere!  Lemons galore!undefinedWe took a boat to Capri from Sorrento…on the island you then take a single chair lift to the higher part of the island called Anacapri.  This picture is of Bennette and Andy.  Two love birds!  They will be celebrating their 5 year anniversario in November.undefinedThe next few pictures are of the people of Italy…

Assisi downtownundefinedSorrento, the band that walks around during dinner time and plays, I think we bought their CD too!undefinedMeet Ulysse!  He was making cheese on his farm that we drove to, it is located near Pienza, Italy.undefinedLove this: a butcher in a little town outside of Assisi we drove to for a little wine and antipasta:

the town is called: Santa Maria Degli AngeliundefinedPienza: oh and here are some more men…but they aren’t Italian!undefinedPienza, Italyundefinedthe farm outside of Pienza, Peacocks walking aroundundefinedtown of AssisiundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedSo that is all for now!  Hope you enjoyed, until the next chapter! Grazie for loooking!  Ciao!