Italy part VI – ROME!!!

Rome!  There is so much to see in Rome!  We were there two full days and three nights.  We loved our hotel, Gigli d’Oro, and how personalized it was, with only 6 rooms, just newly renovated. We also had so many great meals…antipasta galore!!!  Friday, May 20th, we celebrated my parents 39th wedding anniversary!

Enjoy Roma!

below: St. Peter’s Basilica: a MUST see…on the left, the yellow strip with blue writing is 9ft tall!  you can see the tiny people at the very top just to see how gigantic it is!!!
undefinedgorgeous ceilings and the tapestry room on the far rightundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedthe restaurant right around the corner from our hotel L’Osteria da Memmo, the owner with my sister, the mushroom distributor had just made her delivery…can you believe the size of these porcini mushrooms? undefinedbelow left: this is the clean water fountains all over the cities from the aquaductsundefinedPantheon! belowundefinedbelow: Coliseum!!!!  hard to believe, 2000 years old!undefinedthere is no more floor, but down below was where the animals, slaves, and gladiators were keptundefinedbelow: these just AMAZED me, all the tops of Corinthian Columns, obviously not placed as they use to be, but so old and still there!
undefinedFrescos from the walls, just crazy to think about…pictures of gladiatorsundefinedbelow:  i know i keep saying everything is so amazing, but here is ANOTHER amazing thing, actual carvings from the walls below the floor from sketches of gladiators and even one had written his NAME!  2000 years old!undefinedundefinedHotel Gigli d’Oro belowundefinedBelow: Piazza Novona, the Fountain of Four Rivers…this was after a night on the town and no one was around, I used ISO 6400 to capture this, FULL moon!
undefinedundefinedbelow: the MARKET!!!
undefinedoh to die for everything here!!!  so fresh, everything we have had to eat the entire trip could be found here!undefinedundefinedjust a side street, love this picture
undefinedbelow!  Mimo!  Our Steak and meat extraordinaire!!!!  Man he knew how to cook on that wood fire grill!  Man oh man, we miss you Mimo!  Restaurant name: Isola della Pizza near the Vaticanundefinedbelow: ribeye and right side, my Lamb, sooooo good!undefined