Jennings King Photography offering albums!!!

So excited to show off the albums clients can purchase.  It took me a while to find a company that I thought had the quality and ease that I needed.  Clean and simple…that’s my style and it shows in my albums.  “Let the photographs speak for themselves” is my thought.  Some of my wedding packages now offer a leather album.  I had thought long and hard on including and creating albums.  It takes SO much time to put albums together.  It was a piece of my wedding I never got, and almost 2 years later, I still have not had the time to put one together.  So I thought it would be SO NICE to have this option for my brides, as well as any others that may want to make this special purchase.

Coming from a printing background at Clemson, the actual quality of the printing was VERY important to me, and I didn’t wants DOTS, which you find in conventional printing!  All the albums are printed on photographic paper, so therefore you don’t lose any detail and your images look just as they do as a photographic print!  I have a detail shot of what i mean below.

There are two types: Leather and Linen  See my commentary above the images below!  Enjoy!  A big thank you to KISS Books!!

below: Each album comes in it’s own fabric cover for protection

below: Leather “lay flat” so there is NO gutter or separation of your images due to the page separation 

below: Linen

below: Leather album has 2 mil thick pages, EXTRA thick and sturdy

below: Linen pages are a bit thinner but still sturdy, more like a poster cardboard material

below: now here is my sample of NO DOTS…see, it’s just a photograph!

below: DOTS!  YUCK!  this was an album I put together about 4 years ago of my 30th birthday party, and you can see the dots, they mottle your images!  Who wants dots on their face?  not me!

below: finished products

below: Since these are studio sample books, there is the Kiss Logo, but not on client books…Thank you Kiss!!

below: Just for fun, a little moth was creeping inside while I was taking these pictures!