Jennings King Photography Webpage – launched!!!

Hey Ya’ll!  I am so excited to launch my very new Website for Jennings King Photography!  It took about 4-5 months from start to finish, and so it’s a lot of hard work. The communication between my webmaster Jason with Robot Love couldn’t have been better!

My goal was to present my work and information in the simplest way possible.  I have a new contact form, a client page with wonderful feedback from clients experiences, (thank YOU, I can’t say it enough), and a portfolio that I am most excited about.  The portfolio as a photographer is one of the most important pages you can put together.  Clients want to see your work and your style, and this is where it is!  Most portfolios are flash displays or slide shows that move at a certain pace.  I wanted something different and a bit quicker so the viewer had control over the time spent on the page.  So Jason found an awesome plugin to scroll through the pictures from left to right, and I love it!  So scroll away on your computers, left to right and then back again if you wish!  I will be updating the portfolios as the year progresses, so always check back.

I hope you will enjoy the new look and share with friends and family.  A huge thanks to Jason for a great job and patience working with me!  Click on Home above or just click here: Jennings King Photography