Mentor Session – Fashion Shoot for Colleton’s East

I scheduled a mentor session with Chris Smith a while back and here are the results.  Chris is a very talented photographer in Charleston, SC.  He is one of the nicest photographers i know!  We had so much fun on this shoot and lots of laughing and bugs, (thank you charleston Octobers!)  I always love to learn and grown in photography, so learning from others is the best way I know how.  We worked with my Nikon D700 cameras and flashes, SB-600 & SB-900.  I shot with my 24-70mm 2.8 and my 85mm 1.8 lenses.  We also used some reflectors on the daisy shots you will see below.  Lot’s of creative flash learning for sure!  I do like my natural light and raw looks, but knowing now that i can add some hints of flash here and there is great to know more about!

I had Katie do our modeling for me again, as she was a model when I did the Colleton’s Fall fashion Shoot.  Katie is wearing all clothing from Colleton’s in Charleston, SC.

Thank you thank you Chris!!!  And thank you Katie for being such a natural, you make our job SO much easier!