Miller Time! ~ My 10 month old Son

As a photographer people always ask me, “Do you take a lot of pictures of your son?”  My answer is usually, “I do but not too many because I am so busy processing the photos I do for work!”  Which is really the truth!  You know the “monthly” pictures a  lot of people take of their children for the first 12 months, in the same chair, on their “month” birthdays?  Well, I tried that, and was good for the fist 6 months, then 7 months hit and so did weddings, and family portraits and whatever else gets in the way…I also missed 9 months!  So I thought I would take an hour of my time to blog about my own son, MILLER!  I swear ya’ll, he is the best baby, and thank goodness, having a child in your early 30’s isn’t as adaptable when you are set in your ways. (I tell it like it is, no disguising here that parenthood is easy!)  Miller is always happy all day, but I love our morning time together before I start my work.  The below pictures were taken this morning with the exception of the first one and that was taken last week i think, I just love his eyes!  Miller oh Miller!  He loves being tickled and is ticklish in all the same spots as ME, he loves some pretty girls and is a flirt and ladies man already, his favorite and only word is “Da Da”, he is very observant and can just sit outside all day and look and watch the things around him, he has a crooked smile like his daddy sometime, I think he is a good mix of Brennen and me, his personality is already just as I had imagined a child with his given parents would be (Big!), and he just loves to laugh, he calls my cell phone “Da Da” because I FaceTime Brennen with him when he is on the road, and last, the boy sleeps great!   Yes!!

Thank you all for reading my little personal excerpt today.  🙂

“Miller Time” you make your mommy and daddy SO PROUD!  I love you honey!