My love for Oil Paintings – artist Kelley Sanford

I love posting fun things from my personal life on my blog, and today is one of those days!  Hang in there!

So as a photographer, I consider myself an artist, I have always been artistic and creative.  My first love of the art came from my grandmother Pat, who is so very talented.  I can remember when I was little, probably 4-5, I would visit my grandmother in Spartanburg, SC and go with her to her art class.  The smell of the oils was something I had never smelled before.  I even got a 4×4 canvas to work on all by myself, while she worked on a still life much larger.  In elementary, middle and high school “Art” was always my favorite class, I remember all of my art teachers and all the projects I created…which by the way my mom just asked me what on earth was she supposed to do with them, since they are still in the attic in Greensboro!

As I graduated from college, as a past time, I went through phases of art/creativity.  First it was painting, then scrapbooking, then sewing, then finally photography.  Whatever it was, it was my outlet.  So with all of that said, I have a very big appreciation for artists, no matter what the medium, I LOVE creativity.  Most of all, I love having pieces of art from those I know and love in our house, it means a lot to me.

When my husband and I got married, we received one of my very favorite presents, a commissioned oil painting from John and Pender, and Anne and Pete.  I about DIED when we opened it!  It was beautiful!  It not only was painted in my favorite colors, yellow and blue, but also of lemons and Sorrento – all Italian!  The lovely and talented Kelly Sanford of Charlotte, NC had painted this painting just for us.  I loved it so much I just had to incorporate it into my design of my business cards for my photography business.  So with Kelley’s permission, I was able to do that.

Then fast forward a year and a half…I  loved Kelley’s work so much that I wanted a painting of Brennen in Pebble Beach, for his birthday.  It is SO cool and looks just like him!  He absolutely loves it, and what a special piece of art to have for the rest of our lives to always remember such an amazing trip to California.

And lastly, today is my mother’s birthday…Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!  I believe she will be in a plane for most of the day, BUT as a family, which includes, my dad, Brennen and me, my sister Bennette and her husband Andy, we all commissioned Kelley to paint a picture of my mom in her element, which happens to be a picture I took of her in Pompeii, Italy.  SUCH an amazing family vacation we took last May and thanks to my mother, it was a fun and a treasure to experience history at every step.  So a very Happy Birthday to MOMMY, we ALL love you very much and hope you will love your very own painting as well!

Thank you so much Kelley for helping me with both of these!  It was a pleasure working with you and seeing your perspective on my photography through oil paint!  Such a fun process!!  Everyone should go check out your website & blog and see more of you!


see below: JKP business card

Love the back of the painting too: Thank you to Pender, John, Anne, and Pete!  

(below) Brennen in his painting “Pebble Beach” by Kelley Sanford

Oil Painting “Pompeii” by Kelley Sanford for mommy (below)