Our Prince is ONE! ~ Miller’s video

When you think about having children you don’t know what it truly entails until it happens. You hear, it’s the best thing ever, you hear it’s hard but so worth it, get some sleep when you can, and many other things. But when it actually happens to you anxiety arrives and I thought the last 35 years of my life are about to take a 180. I realized this isn’t only going to be hard, but challenging mentally and physically. Everyday is a schedule (for me at least), every hour is something, it’s never ending. And then there is a smile, a laugh, and tender touch, a poke in the nose, a slap in the eye, a human interaction with this little one who is a part of you now forever.

Brennen and I are so blessed to have Miller. He certainly lights up our faces and already makes us laugh as if there weren’t enough laughter in our house. He is precious. He will face challenges in his little life, but we are hopeful that we will be by his side to help and guide him through life and teach him the things to make him flourish, love, and be happy. I don’t want to say too much about him because my words cannot cover his personality, just watch the video and you will see. Miller Allen King…this video is my dedication to my little miller man, our prince. I love you!  Happy First Birthday!  (Miller is looking for a nanny in the next month or two, part time.  If interested & qualified, please contact me: [email protected])

Many many special thanks to the super talented Makeup artist Pamela Lesch for doing my makeup and the sweet and lovely Carrie McLeod for doing my hair.   You both made me feel like a hip mom!  A huge thank you to PJ Brown for creating a video that we will never forget. This is the most precious gift ever. Thank you!  And my last thank you is to my husband for not even asking why am I making him do such a thing; he just said, “This will be cool, Hun!”  He just knows photography is what I am passionate about in addition to collaborating with other creators, bringing meaning and memories to the simple moments in life. Or, maybe it’s just that he loves me so much!  Either way, Brennen, it WAS cool and I love you!

Click on the image below to view video.  Depending on the speed of your device, you may have to push pause and let it buffer/load for a while, then press play.