Pebble Beach, California – Part II of II

The entire reason we were in California was because my husband and three of his friends played at the Ocean Course in Kiawah for the Kidney Foundation regionals, their group was in the top 3 finalists, which then qualified them to play in the National Kidney Foundation Tournament at Pebble Beach.  We made it a week-long trip, and had a blast.  They played three courses, Del Monte, Spanish Bay, and Pebble Beach in a captain’s choice format.  On Sunday, the last day of rounds, Jodi and I were with them from hole 6-18 and back to one.  Most of these pictures below capture the unbelievable scenery.  The sun was in and out all day, as you can see the light changed dramatically throughout the day.  The water was a bright turquoise when the sun was shining and a dull grey when it was behind the clouds.  They guys placed 16th for the entire tournament, out of 54 teams.  The top two teams placing first and second were all from South Carolina!

Some places where the other pictures were taken were: Spanish Bay, Carmel, Pebble Beach restaurant Still Water, and the 17 mile drive.


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