Price & Ryan’s Rehearsal Dinner | Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens | Belmont, NC

Today I am overjoyed about the wedding I shot this past weekend.  I was lucky enough to also be able to shoot Price & Ryan’s Rehearsal Dinner given by the groom’s parents, the Sigals.  The setting of the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens was the perfect location on such a spectacular day.  The sun was bright and the night time temperature was starting to dip.  The ballroom is floor to ceiling windows displaying the entrance to the gardens.   The Sigals did a wonderful job planning this special occasion.  The room was filled with soft greens and whites.  It made you feel as if you were in a garden.

One detail I must mention, were the pieces of colored paper at the place settings with sayings on them.  These were written by Price when she was little.  She would randomly write things like, “If you have a bad day, go shopping!” or “Tarheels Rule! (It is the truth).”  Who would have known these sayings would appear many years later on the tables at her rehearsal dinner!

The love between these families was absolutely precious.  I LOVE Rehearsal Dinners!  It is an intimate window into the two people who are about to get married the next day.  There are so many things I learn about the couples and the people they are from listening to the toasts.  I almost always get teary eyed, especially when there is a sister of the bride involved!   Price & Ryan are two very strong willed, successful, fun, sweet, loud, talkative, football-loving, passionate  college team fans (house divided), and most of all admirers of each other.  Thank you Sigals for having me capture such a special night.  I enjoyed every last minute of it!