Summer & Ryan Wedding | Hibernian Hall | Charleston, SC

I remember the day Summer and her mother came to my house  for a consultation before booking me as her photographer.  It was at the beginning of all of the planning.  It seems like it was yesterday!  Summer wanted a fun and traditional wedding.

The wedding day was perfect in downtown Charleston at Bethel United Methodist Church with the reception shortly following the ceremony at Hibernian Hall.  Summer’s beautiful dress from Gown Boutique fit her perfectly while the Kate Spade shoes added a little pop of color.  Summer & Ryan’s families were so fun to be around!  I felt as if I were at a family wedding of my own.  The amount of laughter from all far outweighed even happy tears.   Ryan is the biggest sweetheart!  He was grinning ear to ear ALL day long, and he kept repeating to me, “I just can’t wait to see her!”  The Thomas family loves to dance, and can I just say that I am giving “Chief” the best Father of the Bride Award for 2012?  Any man, who puts on a white glove and starts dancing to Michael Jackson, has a very special place in my heart.  It not only happened one time but two!  You have to love the relationship between a daughter and her father on wedding day.  I eat it up!!!  When you see the picture of Ryan’s nephew getting dressed, the outfit he is wearing is the same outfit the bride’s brother Trey wore in two weddings growing up as well…how special is that?!

Thank you to Summer & Ryan and your families for having me as your photographer…I am so glad I was a part of it.  Don’t forget to view the video at the very bottom for more pics!

A big thanks to my second shooter, Ashley Walker!

Church & Reception: Bethel United & Hibernian Hall
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo at Gown Boutique
Catering: Hamby Catering
Band: Super Deluxe
Flowers:  Country Florist and Lace
Cake: Wildflour Pastry(below: how gorgeous is Carol?  MOB?!)To view the video click on the image below: (you will be taken to my Vimeo Video site)

  • Bennette Hopper said:

    Beautiful bride and handsome groom! Yall look so happy and in love! Great capturing Jennings!

  • carol thomas said:

    We had so much fun and Jennings you managed to record it in your beautiful pictures! Thanks for the memories.......

  • Jean Cornwell said:

    Loved the slide show/video -- very happy and fun!!

  • Candice said:

    Jennings, I just looked through these again with Todd. You did such a great job capturing all the special moments of Summer & Ryan's day! I think my favorite one is the Chief, Carol & Summer laughing together! Beautiful!

  • We did the flowers for summer. Country&lace florist. Beautiful bride and great photos. I need to get some for my site. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and you captured it well.

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