The Edmunds

This photo shoot has been a LONG time coming!  Sara Kathryn and I planned this session in October of 2010, and finally with both our schedules, we decided on January 15, 2011.  I was able to travel with my husband to Wake Forest, NC to have a great weekend with her family all while having about an hour and a half for the photo session in the cute downtown of Wake Forest.

There is so much to say about the Edmunds: Cas, Sara Kathryn, Kate (4 yrs.), and Mary (1 yr.)  I don’t even know where to start…it all began when Sara Kathryn and I met, because we were “across the street” neighbors on Buckingham Road in Greensboro.  She and I were younger than Kate is when we met, and have been friends since!  SK (for short) has been one of my long and true dear friends all my life, she has the laughter that I can always count on to pop out, along with mine, a fun sense of humor, and honesty that you only hope in your best friends!  And if this isn’t enough for you, her husband Cas and I met in 9th grade, and they have been dating since 10th grade.  Yes, true high school sweethearts.  Now Cas, is a ball of fire, and i love that about him, take SK’s laugh + my laugh = and you have Cas!  In high school, Cas was the drummer in Weekend Excursion.  Hence the musical talent and instruments you will see below.

Kate and Mary are so precious and I see both their parents in them, Kate all weekend was saying little things or her movements reminded me so much of SK as a child.  Cute Mary just turned 1 years old (her one year old shots are at the bottom) and come to find out after the photo shoot, was very sick, and from the pictures we took, she sure was a trooper, and I mean the sweet thing was just crying and so upset…and now we know why!  Poor baby is all I could say!  Awe!

Ever since we booked the date, I was always thinking about this shoot…trying to get some good details that really make the Edmunds family who they are.  Downtown Wake Forest was a perfect setting, we also went to the Seminary school, which was the original Wake Forest University.  Sara Kathryn’s mom’s love for reading inspired me to include books and also the quilt she hand made as a gift to Sara Kathryn and Cas on their wedding day!

Musical instruments were a must…as during our weekend stay, Cas would play the piano for the whole family, and Mary would sit on the piano bench watch her daddy.  The pure joy of music and family “togetherness” was so awesome and it always brings happy tears to my eyes when I see Cas do this for “his three girls.”

At last you may wonder the significance of the 1984 Mercedes Benz (a.k.a Brown Sugar)…This was not a preplanned “prop” but when I heard Cas start talking about his Brown Sugar, I had to see it and ask questions.  It is gorgeous!  Cas has 100% pride when he speaks of Brown Sugar, as this was what his mother drove, who passed away when we were in high school.  Cas says, “Oh yeah, Zero to 60 in one minute…it’s what was advertised in 1984!”  Another fact of the 1984 Benz is that is was the only year it was not imported, Cas’s family bought it in Germany when they lived in Ireland in 1984.  I know this all may be loads of info you may not want to know, but I found it very interesting and Cas is FULL of information, if you know him, you know what I mean.

So please enjoy the pictures, and thank you again Sara Kathryn and Cas for the fun weekend and the chance of capturing your family as you are.