The Faircloths – Charleston, SC

Ya’ll, now this client and I go way back to first grade at Irving Park Elementary school in Greensboro, NC.  Bett and I were the best of friends growing up.  As time goes by you go to college and have families, and so when she sent me a message over facebook that she wanted a family shoot, my face lit up and I got so excited that our paths would meet again.  Her husband Chad and her little boy, Cooper (1 yr.) are perfect for Bett.  We took these pictures on the infamous dock of Chad’s aunt & uncle on James Island.  When Bett & Chad come to visit they spend about 90% of their time on this dock (the rest is spent sleeping), and once you go visit, you realize why.  It’s a paradise out there.  If you have never lived on the water you may not understand…but there is something about the salty breeze, the instant of feeling the salt march stick to your, skin, the sweat on your brow that forms instantly, the smell of the water…you just can’t beat it.  I knew the moment I walked into my house afterwards my husband would say, “You smell like the beach/water.”  I did of course, but it’s a joy I have in living where I do and having the chance to visit these surreal places.  Heavenly!

Cooper is such a cutie pie, he loved crawling around the dock and we had to be careful about where he was placed.  He has the biggest blue eyes and soft baby skin.  We got the chance to see the crabs in their crab trap.  Cooper loved it, Bett on the other hand was not so keen on the fact.  🙂  Bett has always had the most unforgettable smile as you will see.

Thank you Faircloths for the chance to see you again and especially for the extra visit to sit and chill on the dock with you over cold beers!

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