The Hills

ohhhhh it’s been so long!  I have been slacking off on my blogging and I will have to say I am very sorry to the Hill family!  I went back to my hometown, Greensboro, NC to take a photography class with my wedding photographer Kellie Kano and I did this shoot right before it.  Little did we know the cloudy skies were about to burst open with snow!!  Yes it snowed and it came down hard!  So I was lucky with the Hills to get this shoot in before!

I met the Hills a long time ago through my sister, because she went to college with the two of them.  So fun to be taking pictures of my sister’s friend’s too!  Mila has a love for doing what she wants…and also LOVES dogs, we met one at the end of the shoot!  The “teary” picture is sooo great because as the owner of the dog gave her a treat to give to the dog, she thought it was a cookie for herself and was very upset that she didn’t get to eat it!!  Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year!