The Horstmans | Charlotte, NC | Family Session

It was a fun weekend in Charlotte catching up with Jordan and her family.  Jordan and I literally grew up together in Greensboro, NC. We both were born in Kirkwood, a starter house neighborhood everyone lived in when our parents were in their mid to late 20’s.  Now friends my age live there; it is such a special place to grow up!

I miss Charlotte!  I lived there for 5 years after college, and I still have wonderful friends living there. Jordan and Jake are some of them. Their two girls Jane Larson and Stewart,  kept me laughing the entire time. The rain simply did not hold off, so Jane Larson played with her umbrella that she loves!  It was perfect, and she was not afraid of getting wet, offering me (the girl with the camera) her umbrella while she ran around!  Stewart will be 1 in July, so she has just learned to sit up. She is all smiles and Jordan and I learned she does not like grass or how it feels on her legs!  I have a very special place in my heart for sisters, and especially two sisters, as I was one.  Stewart and Jane Larson were so playful with each other, playing ring around the rosie or just plain tackle!  It was such a fun time to be with Jordan and Jake to see them interact with their beautiful little girls.  Thank you so much Jordan and Jake for allowing me to capture your beautiful family!  Hope you enjoy just a few from the day below.