The Litaker Boys – Greensboro, NC

When I was home for Thanksgiving in Greensboro, NC, I was lucky to be able to photograph the Litakers.  Lisa & Bruce, have two beautiful boys, Cameron and Carter.  Cameron was for the most part, the spot light, as his older brother had pictures taken at the same age too, so it was Cameron’s turn now.  They are so playful, happy, and fun.  Check out Carter, you can’t miss the missing two front teeth!  So cute!

Now the funny part about this whole shoot was that Lisa was MY babysitter in the early eighties!  Now talk about full circle of events.  Lisa even brought some old pictures to share with me of us together.  Scroll to the very bottom to see those, taken in 1986, I was 9 years old!

Thank you Lisa for contacting me and making this shoot happen, I loved working with you and Bruce and your boys are so great!Below: This might be one of the cutest pictures I have taken!


Below: The pictures i was referring to above, listed from left to right, me, my dad, my cousin Jean Marie, and LisaThis picture (Below) was taken at my grandparents beach house the Mai Tai in Cherry Grove/Ocean Drive area.  From left to right: cousin Laura, me, babysitter Michelle, babysitter Lisa, cousin Jean Marie, and sister Bennette….Oh SO FUNNY!