The Sims Family – Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach…another gorgeous day to be doing what i was doing!  The cool breeze makes you want to just sit and enjoy a big fat cocktail!  The Sims and I met on Saturday for a family session.  Lance is a podiatrist I call on in Walterboro, SC and this is his cute family!!!  Jack (6yrs), Carter (4yrs), and Lacy (2yrs) were ready!  Liz had told me that poor little Lacy had not had any pictures of her since she was a baby, so we were sure to get some of her precious face!  It doesn’t surprise me, time flies and having three children just adds to the daily craziness!  We just let them do what children normally would do in a new place, run and explore.  As you can see my style of photography is more candid and free.  I say, let the children do what they want and be happy!

Thank you Dr. Sims and Liz!  🙂


(below) I simply love this picture of Jack, the oldest.