The Tylers (all of them!) | Debordieu, SC | Family Session

I had been looking forward to this very large family shoot since March, when the Tylers reserved their date when all 31 of them were going to be at Debordieu for a family vacation for the week.  I have photographed the “Greensboro” Tylers before but not all 31 of them!!  Robin has 3 other brothers and they all came from around the southeast, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and North Carolina.  I love the large family shot because it reminds me of so many we have in our family at the beach.  When you are my age you will look back at them and see yourself when you were 3 years old and say, “Oh that’s what we all did!”  haha!

The very last picture are the 4 handsome “Tyler” brothers that made this all possible.

After the total family shoot I did a separate session with the Tylers from Greensboro!  The newest member is sweetie pie Ren.  The two toddlers Ren and Harley are not brother and sister but cousins!  Just the cutest parents and beautiful family all in one.  I always have so much FUN photographing this family.  All we do is laugh and have fun.

Thank you again Tylers for such a great time and opportunity to record your families all together!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post for another Tyler family photoshoot!  🙂