To My Husband – Two Years!!!

Today is June 26, 2012, two years ago Brennen and I were in Atlantic Beach, NC getting ready for our wedding day.  My how time flies!  We are expecting our first child in December due 12/12/12! Our baby will be the first grand child on both sides and the first great grand child on my side of the family!  You think this baby will be loved?!

My husband is a big teddy bear, I love him to death.  When you look at us, we are probably the most different looking people!  I’m short at 5’3, Brennen is tall at 6’4, and large and strong!  I truly believe we were meant for each other!  We are so different in many ways, but we certainly think the same way.  I met Brennen my freshman year at Clemson, we actually lived in the exact same dorm, on different floors.  He was on the golf team and I was a sorority girl.  I remember exactly how I felt when I first met him.  (I do know it was the first week of college)  He was BIG and so full of energy and his smile made me want to smile right back at him.  With his friendly chatter and laugh, he had a way he would draw you in, like he was flirting and kidding with you.  He got my attention alright!  One of the first things I noticed about him was he could challenge me and still be cute and sweet about it.  He has a charisma that draws any women to him, I promise you that!  I was smitten over this boy!  I distinctly remember a friend asking, “Would you ever date BK?”  And I replied, “No, he’s not my type.”  Ha!  Not my type then, but oh how we mature and figure things out. It took me a while, and him too for that matter!

We never dated and our college days finished up in 2000.  After we graduated we had mutual friends and I would keep up with him through them.  Fast forward to 2009…Brennen was living in Charleston and I lived in Raleigh, NC…he called up and said, “When you comin’ to Charleston for a cocktail?”  Long story short, we reconnected and the rest is history, after a short 6 month dating period we were engaged!  I have never looked back, I am sure his mother Sue is glad of that.  LOL!

Brennen, thank you for the best two years of my life!  You know me so well, sometimes better than myself.  I know you feel like slapping me every once in a while, hell you even say it sometimes…but you are my best friend.  I found “the one” for sure.  You make me laugh like no other person in this world.  We have fun together like nobody’s business.  You bring me back down from my stress and “worry cloud” I’m always on, and you say “Babe, everything will work out.”  You are right it does, I got you!

And as you say to me, “Babydoll, You think anyone in this world loves you as much as I do?”

and I reply, “No, honey, I don’t.”

You’re the best!  Thank you for loving ME and every part of me!  LOB you!  Happy TWO Year Anniversary!  (now I’m an emotional pregnant wreck, and you probably are too after reading this!)

A very special thanks to Kellie Kano for being there to capture our wedding day and engagement session.  I am so excited she is allowing me to post these to show off again!  Thanks girl!  (all pics below are her work except the very last one)

(below) Engagement Session February 2010 – Kellie Kano Photography

(below) Wedding Day June 26, 2010 – Kellie Kano Photography

(below) Pebble Beach – January 2012