Top Ten Reasons to Schedule a Bridal Portrait

Today I’d like to write a little bit on why I think every bride should have a bridal portrait done! In the south, bridal portraits are more popular than previously. When I was married in 2010, a bridal portrait was a must in my book. Some of the reasons I wanted one, are in my “Top Ten Reasons to Schedule a Bridal Portrait.” During my own session, I had an absolute ball!!! It is such a fun experience with your photographer. I am happy to say this year I have had two brides, who originally didn’t purchase a bridal portrait, come back and add it to their wedding package. I love that!!

So in my opinion, here are the Top Ten Reasons to Schedule a Bridal Portrait:

Reason # 10 -Take advantage of how beautiful you will look at this time in your life.

Reason # 9 – It is a trial run for your stylist(s)

Reason # 8 – You can get comfortable in your dress

Reason # 7 – You will always have these beautiful pictures that you may not be relaxed for on your wedding day.

Reason #6 -As wallets, the bridal portrait makes a personal gifts for your close family members; they aren’t too big to display, and look fantastic on a side table.

Reason # 5 – Newspaper announcement picture is a must

Reason # 4 – Test your bouquet out with your florist! More times than not, brides end up not liking this trial run bouquet and this session gives the bride a chance to discuss the changes with the florist before the big day!

Reason # 3 – Time management for the wedding day – just how long does it really take to be ready?

Reason # 2 – A day or several hours of pampering, primping and posing just for you!

And the #1 reason for scheduling a wedding portrait – It provides you time to get comfortable with me, your photographer, and the camera, and of course LAUGH a lot and have FUN!