The Bakers

The Baker’s pictures just make me smile!  Many reasons, one, the first picture you see of Elena (2 1/2 yrs.) seems to capture just a breath in time towards the end of our session.  I love her eyes looking right at the lens and she has a bit of shyness and comfort at the same time, as her mom was holding her.  Second, her younger sister, Elizabeth (11 mo.), is the cutest little sweet pea!  You will see it!  And last the Baker family was so easy to work with.  This session was my first of a family, who found me through the Internet, so the first time I met them was this day!  A huge thank you to the little girl’s grandmother, as she was my helper with smiling and laughing, such a wonderful help!  Such a fun and loving family of four!!  Thank you again Bakers, enjoy!

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