Boy is this a busy time of Season or what?!  I am so lucky to have clients that want pictures of their little ones, but specifically me to take them!  I am a little behind on blogging!

I just love networking and reconnecting with friends from the past!  Anna is a perfect example, as we were both at Clemson together and she now lives a couple of neighborhoods over from me on James Island.  It was a morning with lots of sunshine and a little boy, Fuller who loves trains and dogs.  Fuller’s red shoes, I could not get enough of.  I love shoes, but there is something about “little” shoes and especially cute little shoes!  If you haven’t noticed, i love taking pictures of shoes!  It’s a detail that some might look over while photographing, because so much emphasis is on faces, but not for me.

So wait until you see the awesome curls that are this beautiful child!  His eyes are so bright and open!  I must say I am very partial to the space between his two front teeth, because I too had one as a child.  There was a moment in the session when Fuller got down on his knees and held up his hand like a tiger…I started laughing and asked, “Anna, what is Fuller doing?!”  Anna said, “Oh, that’s what he does when he sees an animal!”  I about died and luckily caught a great picture of this pose, priceless!  Just a little boy in his own world!  Thank you Anna for allowing me be with you both on this day!  Such a joy to see the love of a son to his mom and vice versa!

See the Tiger Growl picture below!