Jennings Bride Party

This past fall, I had an idea of getting together with my brides, past and present, and future for that matter! I knew how much fun I would have with all of the lovely ladies, and my idea grew from there. Why not have a formal party, at my house? So I did! My idea kept growing and growing…I decided to invite some of my favorite vendors I have worked with over the years in the wedding industry, and those who have helped me along the way. I then was approached about doing a promotional video. I did that as well and basically turned my “Bride Party” into a platform for launching the video. So many fabulous brides attended and I was surrounded with lots of love. It was really just a wonderful night!

The food was catered by Hamby Catering & Events, with Candice by my side helping select the perfect bites to eat! You simply can’t throw a party without a planner, especially when you are inviting planners; Grace Jennings (no relation) did such an outstanding job. She even arranged all the flowers!! My favors for my brides were the wonderfully scented Candlefish candles, located in downtown Charleston. It was a night I will never forget, and I hope to continue doing it every year, as the Jennings bride family grows, my relationships with my ladies and their families continue to grow!

My video was created by Richard Esposito in collaboration with Virgil Bunao with 843 Cinema – I highly recommend him to anyone, whether it’s for weddings or promotional videos!  Awesome dude!!