Mary Simms & Alex | Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation Wedding

I seem to always start my blogs off with, “Oh where do I start?”  Maybe it’s because blogging is the last part of what I do after the wedding is shot and the editing is done.  I always try to tell a story with each wedding blog post and give insights into the beautiful feelings of the families and scenery of the wedding.

Mary Simms and Alex exchanged wedding vows at the beautiful Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation (which by the way is the most sought after venue now because Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds were married here!  I hear it is booking out into 2015!)  Mary Simms and Alex were so great to work with through their engagement session, the bridal session and finally the wedding day.  In this wedding there were many details documenting points in their lives.  I was told almost all of them by Mary Simms and her mother, so my camera was ready to capture these details.  I honestly couldn’t choose from all the wonderful pictures of moments, and that is why there are so many!  To most, they will not seem significant, but to Mary Simms & Alex and their families, they will.  A moment frozen in time, forever, a hard copy to remember it by in years to come: excavating a bottle of bourbon and toasting, greeting guests with a mileage sign post to their favorite places to name a few!  Exuberance and joy was all around as the bride, Mother, and bridesmaids dressed and admired the hand sewn handkerchiefs, the jeweled garter and meaningful rings.  The love that was shown between the father and daughter dance melts me, and always will, as it reminds me of my daddy.

One of the most touching details that was shared with me was from her mother Julia.  Mary Simms was adopted by her parents when she was two days old. She was delivered in a pickup truck on Sunday morning, March 19th. The “Sweet Pea” truck was the backdrop for the Photo Booth and at the end of the evening provided the “going away” transportation.   Two journeys, one as a baby, now as a couple beginning their life together.


Thank you Mary Simms & Alex for being such a wonderful couple to work with.  I loved being with you on this important, happy day.

Venue: Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation –  Mt. Pleasant, SC
Wedding Planner: Fork Catering – Margaret Edwards
Band: Finesse – Columbia, SC
Caterer: Fork Fine Gourmet Catering & Events – Charleston, SC
Cake: Ashley Bakery – Charleston, SC
Florist: Eventsublime – David Singleton
Wedding Dress: Gown Boutique – Charleston, SC
Maids Dresses: Fabulous Frocks – Charleston, SC
Bride’s Hair: Carrie McLeod – Paper Dolls – Charleston, SC
Bride’s Makeup: Willow Salon – Sabra Mizzell
Videographer: Life in Rewind – PJ Brown – Charleston, SC

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A big thank you to Amy-Marie Kay for second shooting and Brook Bertschy for operating the Photo Booth!