Before I even arrived in Walterboro, i had a wonderful feeling that this session with Ansley and Rux her 3 year old son, might be one of my best.  Maybe  it was because the weather & lighting was soooo fantastic, or that we were going to shoot at her friend Jamie’s farm, or that I was looking forward to capturing a mother and son relationship…it just so happened that all the above happened and it shows!

Ansley and I were both in the same major at Clemson and she now owns Colleton’s, an awesome clothing store in Walterboro.  She was also a bridesmaid in our wedding.  Rux, yes Rux her son is a cutie pie and has such pride for his mom.  He would say certain statements that made my heart melt.  For example, as Anlsey was unlocking the gate into the farm, Rux said, “Mom is a good opener!”  (he said it with such pride)  Or when we drove up to Colleton’s store front after the session looking at the mannequins, he said, “Mom, those are pretty dresses.”  A simple and sweet compliment to his mom.  Are your hearts smiling as much as mine did?

Rux has a very funny side, makes me laugh outloud to remember hearing him say, “Ohhh Yeahhh!”  He say’s it whenever he feels like something is really cool!  The whole time he was riding on the tire swing…”Oh Yeah…Oh Yeah!”  (thank you Michael, Ansley, and Rux for a wonderful day!)

So let’s move on and get to the good stuff…thank you Jamie for being so kind to lend us your beautiful land!!!!!

See above:  I do believe this might be one of my ALL time favorite pictures I have taken to date.  The sun, the color, the leaves, and the connection between Ansley and Rux!

Above: I don’t have to tell you that Rux is a stud muffin, do I?