The Matheneys

From the first picture of  “the boys” you can see that they are precious…little do you know!!!

After this shoot I thought of a great name pair for them, so meet “Thunder and Lightening!”  If you are a Clemson fan, this has a greater meaning to you.  But it is also a perfect name for these two!  Lets move on…

You might think “the boys” were twins, they are not: Reid will be 5 in January and Rivers is 3.  A whole 18 months apart!  They were a fantastic pair to shoot, Jenny their mom and i just let them run and in between we would do a little posing.

One reason I have loved doing photo sessions is that it reconnects me with a lot of my Clemson friends, and NOW their children.  It is a special moment to meet the children of a friend you have had since college for the first time.  I think of it as a window into their lives.

Thank you Jenny and Dion for sharing Reid and Rivers with me, hilarious time i had!!!

Pah-lease take a look at this picture below…every time i passed by it i was laughing sooo hard, so i had to share…THIS picture shows Reid and Rivers at their finest!  The picture captures how the boys interact with each other, in raw actions!  I just love it!!!