The Jessup Family | Charleston, SC | Twin Girls

I don’t even know how to begin this blog post…how can I share how excited I am for Todd and Hayes to have beautiful twin girls!?  The Jessups have been such great friends of  mine for only 3 years, but it feels like I have known them for a lifetime.  Hayes and I have been talking about this shoot way before the little girls were born, and this day finally came!  After a couple of weeks in the hospital Callan and McRae  were welcomed home on Labor Day!  When I walked into the nursery to meet the girls for the first time, I lost it, crying tears of joy and happiness for their cute little family.  My being 7 months pregnant as well, doesn’t help the emotional aspect, especially since I can’t imagine that I too will have a little one in 3 months!  Hayes is such a beautiful woman as it is, but truly shines as a loving mother.  Her husband Todd, aka “Toddy J,” can have me rolling in laughter in 0.4 seconds!  He might be one of the funniest guys I know.  He loves his girls so much and it is always a pleasure seeing the men care for their first newborn children.  It just makes me well up with such pride!  Last but not least, is Boomer (dog), aka “Boom Nasty.”  He too is part of the cute family and is very proud of his little sisters.  I also have to add how wonderful the girls behaved, there was not one peep during our 2 hour session!!!

A huge thank you to Hayes and Toddy J.  Love you both to pieces!