Top Ten Reasons to Schedule a Bridal Portrait

Today I’m revisiting a post I did a few years back and updating a little about why I think every bride should have a bridal portrait done! In the south, bridal portraits are very traditional to have done. When I was married in 2010, a bridal portrait was a must in my book. Some of the reasons I wanted one are listed below!  During my own session, I had an absolute ball!!! It is such a fun experience with your photographer. Brides…it is never too late to add one to your wedding package!  There are way too many Pros not to!  Read further and you will see!

Reason # 10  Take advantage of how beautiful you will look at this time in your life and document it! A day of pampering, primping, and posing just for you!

Reason # 9  It is a trial run for your stylists – hair and makeup!

Reason # 8  You can get comfortable in your DRESS, this will be the longest period of time you are in it (2 hours) prior to your wedding!  You may find things that need adjusting.

Reason # 7  It is a much more relaxed setting vs your wedding day

Reason #6  As wallets size pictures, the bridal portrait makes a great personal gift for your close family members; they aren’t too big to display and look fantastic on a side table.

Reason #5  Newspaper announcement picture is a must on your wedding day, traditionally it’s the bride only!

Reason #4  Test your bouquet out with your florist! More times than not, brides end up not liking this trial run bouquet and this session gives the bride a chance to discuss the changes with the florist before the big day!  You do not want a bouquet that is too heavy!

Reason #3  Time management for the wedding day – just how long does it really take to be ready?

Reason #2  Your wedding venue may not have the best picturesque views…use this as a chance to get the shots you may not get on your wedding day.

And the #1 reason for scheduling a wedding portrait – It provides you time to get comfortable with me, your photographer, and the camera, and of course, LAUGH a lot and have FUN!

See below some of my favorite images during bridal sessions…