4 Years of Marriage to my Lob!

Four years ago!!!!  Mercy!  Honestly, it seems longer, not in a bad way but in a way that I feel like I have been with this man of my dreams for longer than 4 years.  Things have changed, no doubt from June 26, 2010, but anniversaries make me think back and ponder a lot.  So forgive me for my longevity today!  You may be wondering what “lob” means in my blog title? Well, when iPhones came out you may have heard of this thing called autocorrect?  When Brennen and I first started dating, I would attempt to text him “I love you” but it would autocorrect it to “I lob you!”  Of all things!  Brennen would respond to my text every time, “I lob you more!” So there you have it, the inscription in my wedding band!

We will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary at an early dinner at Husk tonight.  A sweet bride of mine gave me a gift certificate to Husk in 2013 and what a great way to use a gift from my work to celebrate the two of us? Brennen and I also had a fabulous weekend getaway to Palmetto Bluff; a huge thank you to my mommy for keeping Miller that weekend!

In the past week, I have watched our wedding video (and cried, still do), looked through our album and pictures thanks to Kellie Kano, and also read through the brown journal I made for Brennen.  You might have read in an earlier personal post where I talked about writing things down.  I try to do the same.  Thirty days before our wedding day Brennen asked, “Why do you love me?”  So, I bought the journal to write in everyday for the next 30 days until our wedding day  all the reasons I love him.  On the 30th day, June 26, 2010, I had his mom take him the journal.  When he received it, he tore out a page and wrote a very sweet note back to me and it is tucked into the journal too.  It is so priceless to read what we were both thinking on our wedding day and what I was thinking 30 days prior.  From then on, we write in the journal on each anniversary and how we are celebrating.  I can’t tell you how much I treasure this little ole brown book. It has its safe place in Brennen’s bedside table drawer.  If there were a fire in our house, it would be an item I would take!  I encourage new brides and grooms to “write it down” so you will always have it.

So on this day of June, I wish my husband Brennen a very happy 4th wedding anniversary.  (Flowers are the 4th year – FYI)  I love you and I lob you!  Looking back on our wedding day makes me just as happy as I was then.  The best wedding ever to the best man ever.  My wish is that we show our little Miller man what love is  so he too can be just as happy one day!

Your wifey – Jennings

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