Abig Family | Wild Dunes | Isle of Palms, SC

The Abig family arranged for me to photograph their family while they were vacationing in Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms.  Amy and her family are from Charlotte, NC.  Amy’s three children are very close in age: 12,11,and 10!  Being a mom myself, I was in shock and asked her how in the world she did it?!  I have so much appreciation for moms in general but especially those with multiple children.  Her sweet, beautiful children played around on the beach and it was fun to capture their antics and love for the beach.  Hope you will enjoy some of my favorites below.  Thank you again so much Amy for having me as your photographer!


Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0002.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0003.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0004.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0006.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0008.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0001.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0012.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0007.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0009.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0011.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0005.jpg

Wild Dunes Family Photographer_0010.jpg

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