Italy part IV…Assisi

So we meet again!  When we were in Italy, we went to 3 major parts.  Assisi was the first, in the countryside of Italy.  You can click here to see a link in google maps.  We visited the Basilica of San Francesco, you will see below.

Then we also went to a cheese farm, as a day trip, right near Pienza.

don’t forget to visit my previous posts: Italy part I, Italy Part II, Italy Part IIIundefinedundefinedundefinedbelow left: our hotel lobby, Hotel Fontebellaundefinedundefinedundefinedall pictures below were taken at the cheese farm & also in the town of Pienza.  We also had an amazing, amazing meal that day!  Thank you Sandra and Ulysses!  They make their own cheese, olive oil, and honey!

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedbelow: town of Perugia