Jordane’s Bridal Portrait – Middleton-Pinckney House – Charleston, SC

As I further my skill and my love of photography, it is important to me to master and know other options other than natural light. So I had a private mentor session with Chris Smith.  I wanted to learn more about indoor lighting, especially with brides, as weather is not always on your side and rescheduling sessions is sometimes not an option.  So Thanks for Jordane for volunteering her time and putting her dress back on for me!  This was so much fun for us all because Jordane hadn’t gotten bridal portraits when she got married, 8 months ago.  This was a perfect opportunity.  We set up shop at the  Middleton-Pinckney House.  Thanks again Jordane for be ing a gorgeous model and Chris for always being so great at “teaching” and explaining!  This is only part I of II of my session, soon to come!