The Friedmans – Charleston, SC

On this beautiful day at Battery Park, the lighting was golden and the breeze was perfect; in photography terms it is called the “golden hour.”  I was really looking forward to this shoot, as Courtney and I went to high school together in Greensboro, and I was now going to meet his wife Kelley and his son Whit (7 mo.)  Courtney is the owner of Low Country Laundry and Dry Cleaners and  has been since he graduated from CofC in 2001.  Kelley is a photogenic beauty and so gentle and loving towards her little boy.  She also does calligraphy if any of you need some great calligraphy done (great prices), Calligraphy by Kelley!  Whit and his daddy are are playful and relaxed together.  Courtney, as all daddy’s i have met are not too crazy about their sons being in Christening gowns.  This gown has been in Kelley’s family for generations and not only was beautiful but brought extra meaning to the family photos.  Thank you Kelley and Courtney for letting me document this important time in your family’s life.