DVD Slideshow of images – Jennings King Photography Product

Today I would like to blog about a new product I am offering to my clients: a DVD slideshow of wedding images or session images.  It’s very simple, pop the DVD into your DVD player or computer and press play…there you have it, a slideshow to music you can always view forever and ever.  Why?  Well, thanks to a MOB, Ida, from a recent wedding. She had a brilliant and thoughtful idea of giving these DVDs as gifts for Christmas, to friends and family.  I loved this idea and especially since you can send these DVDs to those who may not have been able to make it to your wedding!  My grandparents were unable to make it to my own wedding and they would have LOVED watching this movie over and over of the images of our wedding day!  Some couples decide to have smaller weddings, and then afterwards have a larger party.  This is another instance when you might want to have the DVD playing on a big screen or laptop to share.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact me for pricing.