San Francisco, California – Part I of II

Man, what a fantastic trip my husband and I had in January 2012 to San Francisco and also to Pebble Beach, Monterey Peninsula area (those pictures will be in Part II).  The weather was the most perfect weather they had seen in California in January!  Everyone told us how lucky we were!  Enjoy the pictures below of what I thought stood out to me.  We were in the fisherman’s wharf, farmer’s market, The Buena Vista Cafe, a tour bus ride all over (yes one of those roofless ones, but got amazing pictures with it!), Union Sqaure at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, and lastly to Sausalito, CA, where we had the best time bar hopping and the guys played Bocce Ball with the most beautiful scenery of the harbor.

click here to view part II  – Pebble Beach