The Hollmeyers – Charlotte, NC Family Session

Happy Easter weekend to everyone!  I thought this was a perfect Easter blog posting!

Oh I just love this family!  Pender and I have known each other for sooo long through family Christmas cards, but really only became best friends in 2004 and it all revolved around the Panthers playoff game.  Since then I have moved and Pender & John remain in Charlotte.   When I do family sessions, I suggest bright colors and fun attire.  This session is a great example of why I suggest these things, they all look fabulous!!!  The color was beautiful on this damp Saturday morning.  The flowers were in bloom and their yard was a perfect spot for it all.  Jack and Harris are the cutest little children and I loved staying with them and learning more about each one.  Jack loves his little sister!   He loves pulling her on top of a blanket on the hard wood floors in the house, at least until she hits her head on a column. 🙁  Jack just received a pet guinea pig, who he calls “Guinea!”  Harris is in her mommy stage, wanting Pender to put her to bed hold her, and be next to her.  The two are just precious little things I tell ya!  Pender and John, your family is so fun & beautiful, I wanna be like you when I grow up!  Thank you so much for having me  and taking pictures of your family.  LOVE you!