Three Charleston Children

I love this week during the year, I don’t have to work my full time job!  So I have dedicated this week to my photography behind the scenes work! I am so thrilled!!  Everything that I have been too overwhelmed to do during the year, I have saved to work on this week!  Let’s hope that happens!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, I sure did with my husband, for our first Christmas as a married couple!!!

Let’s begin with this session I did for yet another sorority sister of mine, gotta love the networking college still brings you, right?  This was my first session in having three children to capture, Chris (4), Porter (15 months) and sweet Mary Adele (2 months)!  Not a dull moment with the two boys but all so sweet and they sure do love bubbles, as this was Porter’s entertainment to smile!  I took some solo shots of Mary Adele in a bedroom before we took off to the deck in the cold, cloudy, Charleston weather.  I had hoped for sun, but I am beginning to think that the sun for my sessions doesn’t exist!  Enjoy the happy faces of these beautiful children…the theme as it should be for this time of year!  Thank you Caroline and Bryan!